Zaui Stay is a cloudbased powerful, flexible and feature-rich PMS. Once you get used to this new way of running your hotel you will never go back to anything less.

Floating bookings within its categories

Next time you are looking for a new PMS you might want to consider picking one that has the floating feature for bookings. 

Zaui Stay is the first system in the world that brings this powerful feature to your fingertips, so let us explain to you how it works:

Back in the old days you probably spent hours of your precious time managing your bookings to make them all fit into your hotel. Those days are long gone. What you do in Zaui Stay hotel PMS system, is to assign a booking to a category, but not to a specific room in this category. This gives the system the possibility to shuffle the bookings around to make the best possible coverage and at the same time avoid overbookings.

Can you assign a booking to a specific room in the future? Yes, you can. In those cases the optimizing might be a bit reduced, but the system will find the best possible combinations anyway with the predefined bookings assigned.

Why are floating bookings important for automation?

Let’s say that your guest living in room 305 from the picture above wants to stay an extra day. Without floating elements you would have to manually move “Cong Clovika” to another room before the guest can have his room. With floating elements “Cong Clovika” will automatically be moved to another room within its category making space for the guest.

Pay for a specific room
From the “Personal Guest Assistant” system, guests could actually select their room themselves, just like travelers select seats on commercial flights. But if the bookings are not floating, all rooms would be occupied and it would be impossible to make such a function. 

Automatic Assigning
At a predefined time, default 07:00, the system will assign all the rooms for that day’s check-ins. By intelligently taking the factors of rooms state, room sortlist, check-ins, previous bookings and next bookings into consideration, the system will automatically do an assignment to make sure all guests get a room on any given day.

Another bonus is that you no longer need to consider how many specific rooms you have available, only how many is available in each category as the system always optimize for best possible coverage.

Optimized allotment for OTA’s.
Most OTA’s (like and Expedia) only care about how many rooms you have available per day basis. This means you can get in trouble if you don’t have system that shuffles the guests accordingly for you. Back in the old days you usally used allotment, meaning for example 5 rooms were reserved for Now you can have all rooms reserved for the OTA’s at the same time as you sell them on your own webpage. If one room gets taken the system keeps track of it and it instantly updates the OTA’s accordingly.


A flexible and easy to use pricing system is essential to optimise your hotel. Once prices are set they are automatically published to all the booking channels you have connected to your system.

Multiple price plans
Create as many price plans as you want, then go to the CRM to set which guest accounts should use which price plan. As soon as a price plan is connected to a guest account, they will get the new prices during booking as soon as they have logged in.

A flexible discount system. When creating discounts you have the possibility to choose between a percentage discount, a fixed monetary discount or a fixed price”. You can also specify for which room category a discount code should be valid in. You may also consider using restrictions to make the code valid for only a specific time period. You can even add add-ons to the discount code and use it as a package system. Example: “Spa treatment, dinner and stay” use code “SpaAugust” and add addons dinner and stay.

Advanced price yielding
Our advanced price yielding system automates the pricing for you. A matrix lets you increase the prices by a percentage depending on the occupancy in the hotel. For exampel 14 days prior to arrival you can increase the price with 200% if the occupancy reaches 50% in that period.

Long term deals
Give guests discounts if they stay in more than three days. For example 3-5 days 20% off, 5-7 days 30% off.


Zaui Stay is using “SmartTables” so you don’t need to open many windows at the same time. This is to avoid the mouse-click-syndrome, keeping the mouse clicks to a minimum. 

1. Smart state column
The state column clearly indicates what state each booking is in. It could be unpaid, waiting for room to be cleaned, checked in, and other. Also note that under the state icon you also see a text “GDS, Exp (Expedia)”. This text indicates where the booking comes from.

2. Quick filter
Once you click on the icon (2) you get a list of quick filters for checking in. These are very handy when you quickly want to get an overview of who checks in today.

3. Multi-purpose search field
Enter any kind of information into this field to search; name, email, phone number, room number etc.. Once you hit search it has an optimized search algorithm to make the search as fast and accurate as possible.

4. Advanced search
When the simple but powerful search is not enough, you can use the advanced search feature. In this you can specify time intervals, state, when registered, when checking in and so on.

5. Quick functions
A lot of quick features have been added. This feature makes it possible to change the stay, pricing, room and room categories, and cancel the booking without opening the booking. This is very handy when handling large groups.