We have developed a unique software that your guests will love. Why not let your guests do a few modifications to their stay without bother you in the reception?

Late checkout / Extra days

As Zaui Stay PMS is using “Floating Rooms” for availability optimizing, the system will within milliseconds determine whether a guest can have late check out or stay some extra days.

If the guest has saved the credit card he/she will be able to perform this act directly on this device. Guests that were assigned this room will automatically be moved to another room in the same category.


Fewer and fewer hotels have cleaning every day for guests staying over many days in order to reduce costs. If a hotel for example have cleaning every fifth day, this is not always enough for the guests. Instead of contacting the reception to book extra cleaning, the guests can do it instead on the PGA. When the extra cleaning has been paid, the cleaning list for the cleaning personnel will be updated, and show which rooms need extra cleaning on any given day.