Accounting systems

Generate an accounting file and transfer your accounting data directly into the accounting system.

Visma business
Visma business is a widely used accounting system, we create files supported by visma business and enables export of financial data into visma business. is a cloud based accounting system, by api we transfer financial data to this accounting system.

Poweroffice Go is a new and forward leaned accounting system, we transfer invoices, and financial data into powerofficego by api.

We transfer financial data to tripletex using their file transfer export format.

A lot of different accounting system supports transferring financial data using gbat10.

Payment methods

Start accepting payments using stripe, look at for more information, a brilliant fully and embeddable online payment system.

Stripe autocollect
Get in touch with us if you want to automatically fetch cards from the OTA’s and start charging the cards. With no human interactions involved at all.

Nets terminal
By integrating a payment terminal into your pms you can charge your customers directly by a push of a button.

Nets Easy
A scandinavian online payment gateway handling visa / mastercard. An excelent choice for low costs transactions.

Verifone terminal
Start charging customers using a physical verfione payment terminal, we support the paypoint api.

Invoice Payment
Generate invoices directly into the PMS by activating the invoice payment method. Send them out by printing them, by email, or even by EHF.

EHF – Elektronisk Handelsformat
(Electronic Trading Format) – is the central government standard format for electronic invoicing.

Combined invoicing
For returning customers visiting weekly and you want to invoice them monthly. Then the combining invoicing payment method are great. Just create a combined invoice to later combine into one invoice and ship it away.
From time to time is handling the payments for you, we detect that the payment is done using a virtual card or bank transfer. When this happends we automatically grants access to the guest.

Keep track of all payments paid to expedia. Whenever someone pays directly to expedia this payment method is activated and the guest is granted access automatically.

When renting out at airbnb all the payments are handled by airbnb. To keep track of the money and set them apart you this payment method is used.

A payment gateway now operating under bambora. Supports visa / mastercard payments.

Channel managers

Connect to 100+ different channels using Wubook. Including, but not limited to, Expedia,, Trivago,, and much more. See for more information.

Other integrations

Zaui Stay Apac
GetShop Automated Property Access Control system helps you to get rid of physical devices like keys and keycards. Just give them a pin code for a given time periode and you are good to go.

An extensive reporting system that help you keep track of the financial data over time, keep track of goals and key figures easily

Zaui Stay messenger
A fully automated messaging system that supports all languages and help you sending out codes automatically and keep the automated and needed communication with your guests.

Zaui Stay Check In Kiosk
If you have the need of a check in kiosk we can provide one for you weather its a check in kiosk for indoor and outdoor usage. Its integrated to GetShop PMS and requires the lock system created by GetShop.

Zaui Stay POS
A simple but powerful sales pos system that has all the integrations found in this page. If you need to sell extra accessories at your property, this is the perfect cloudbased tool for you.

A more advanced salespos for those with extra needs. Extensive reporting and lots of more features than the GetShop salespos.

Nets ocr
Whenever someone pay your bill the bank can send us a file that marks your bill as paid automatically in the system. No need to keep track of payments anymore.

Zaui Stay booking engine
A fully embeddable booking engine that can be embeded into any kind of webpage with a simple jquery plugin. It is simple but also a powerful tool that support coupon codes and advanced pricing.

Difi (postcode lookup)
For the norwegian marked we have integrated us into the Norwegian postal code system enabling us to look up a postcode instantly.

Searching a fetching data directly from the Norwegian company registration database, meaning you would only need to search for the name of the business and the rest is filled out for you.

Searching a fetching data directly from the Swedish company registration database, meaning you would only need to search for the name of the business and the rest is filled out for you.
A simple cloud based version of GetShop PMS that fits perfectly in your pocket. The perfect way for your cleaning staff to keep track of rooms to clean, and much more.

Zaui Stay PGA
A mobile adapted web page that can be sent to your guests to keep track of their stay, order extras and even extend their stay.

KNX is a great way to keep track of the comfort in your rooms, connect your KNX system to GetShop and start automating temperatures, lights, and much more.

The z-wave wireless technology is perfect for home automation and for hotel automation.