Most likely you want to display the rooms you rent out in more than one place. This can be,,, and so on, but also on your own website. 

Zaui Stay PMS has a two way communications with the different OTA channels!

What is a Channel Manager?

A channel manager keeps control of the availability in your hotel and makes sure everything is always up to date in all channels, reducing the risk for overbooking. 

Assume you have 30 rooms in your hotel, and 28 rooms are occupied. Then you get a new booking from The channel manager will then automatically update the availability so that you have 1 room left to sell in all channels. 

The channel manager also keeps track of cancellations, so you won’t have to deal with that either. Whenever a booking is cancelled, the availability for that specific room category is updated and synced with all channels.

Derived pricing

Our channel manager supports derived pricing. That means that you can operate with different pricing for the same room depending on how many guests are staying in it. 

Pricing based on occupancy

Sometimes you want to increase prices as the hotel is getting filled up. You can choose to add 10% to the price when the occupancy is at 50%. You can add as many price increments you want.

Different pricing

In order to get more bookings through your website you can set the prices lower on your website than on the OTA’s. 

Autocollect payments

Some OTA’s like and Expedia, now collects the payments from the guests. In cases like this and where you have APAC activated the guests will be able to book and get access to their room automatically without any human interactions.

Discounts on longer stays

If you want the guests to stay for a longer time, you can easily add a discount for days stayed. For example 10% off for more than 2 days, 15% for more than 4 days and so on. All discounts will automatically be deducted at the time of booking.

Block OTA’s from selling rooms

Make sure the OTA’s don’t sell your rooms when you can sell them yourself. Add a restriction that sets the available rooms to 0 at times when it is not nessesary.

Min stay restriction

At some days it might come in handy to restrict min stay to minimum 2 days. Do so by simply creating a restriction in the PMS settings.

Max stay restriction

If you for some reason don’t want guests to stay more than for example 10 days, simply create a restriction for that as well.

Deny check in for a day

Maybe you want to keep saturday open for guest staying from friday? Create a restriction denying guests to check in at saturday.