The access control system plays a central role in hotel automation. When we first started our journey for hotel automation we had to overcome this obstacle. The access control system was one of the first things we needed solve. You cannot automate a hotel if you don’t get rid of physical items like keys or keycards. This is why we started looking at a keycode system that could be used for this purpose. After crawling the Internet for a good solution we ended up at this page. And that is because there were no good access control systems for hotel automation out there. We simply needed to build one ourselves.


A wireless battery driven smart lock is essential for you success. A smart system needs to be able to communicate seamlessly with a smart lock. 

We have created a smart lock system that does this for you and it is easy to install since it does not need any wiring. You can have up to 20 locks on each access controller and we also support multiple controllers connected to one system. This means we do not have any limits to how many locks you can operate in hotel, you can even have the multiple buildings in multiple cities.

Some of the key features:

  • Z-wave Plus
  • Up to 100 meters wireless range (recommended maximum 4)
  • 5 master codes / 25 guest codes
  • System key in case of electronic failure
  • Remote controller
  • Range extenders can be added to boost the signals
  • Can operate offline over a longer period of time which avoids your guest to run into trouble if your network is down

The lock we have here is specially modified by Zaui Stay to support all the needs you have. It can also be delivered with different configurations like amount of codes, and also with a large data chip that supports even more codes.